Sunday, 16 March 2008

GCR Odds and Ends Suppliers

Peter Cowling, 377 Beaumont Leys Lane, Leicester.Sideframes (resin) for Robinson 8ft bogies and battery boxes.

Dragon Models, 9 Kingsley Close,Sully,Penarth, CF64 5UW. GC, CL and LDEC goods stock transfers. (No longer available.)

Exactoscale Ltd,20 Waterson Vale,Moulsham Lodge,Chelmsford,Essex CM2 9PB. Generic etched brake gear, levers, etc. Also a developing 7mm scale track system - the brass fishplates are brilliant, far better to look at than the "railjoiners" produced by PECO. They used to supply sprung axleguards (etchings only) for GCR CCT and wagons, we must hope these will be reintroduced!

Gladiator produces the former Newbold GC signal parts. Look under 'Parts -etched'.

Guilplates, 32 Wodeland Avenue, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 4JZ Tel 01483 565980 or 563156. For GCR number,name, works plates, etc. They also do special jobs - for example they produced GCR wagon number plates and "to carry" plates for me.

Isinglass - produce 7mm scale drawings for many of the Robinson era GC engines.

Keykits - milled chassis and rods for 9N tank (LNER A5) and 8K (LNER 04). (Understand no longer available.)

Kings Cross Plates - Name and number plates for GC engines.

Model Signal Engineering - Provides a range of GC signalling parts. If you want the electro pneumatic type used in the Manchester area these can be made up from combinations of other companies' parts.

Newbold Models (Peter Dobson), 57, Desford Road, Newbold Verdon, Leicestershire, LE9 9LG. Tel: 01455 823767. (To order only) GCR station canopy girders - I think these are London extension style, as used at Leicester Central, for example. Please check availability as it appears some items from his range have been sold on.

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