Sunday, 16 March 2008

GCR Coach Kit Suppliers

The weakest area so far - you may, if you are lucky find some second hand products from Quainton Road or Trevor Charlton.

Otherwise we have:

Bill Bedford - A large range, but see my comments re Bill's wagon kits. Not cheap, no instructions, and lots of castings to make/procure. (Check for availability as Bill has significantly changed his way of doing business.)

GP Models, 44 Wolsey Way, Lincoln, LN2 4QH. - Barnum Brake and Third. 6 wheelers on the way - which is great news. (Sadly no longer available. Owner retired.)

D&S Models, Dan Pinnock,46 The Street, Wallington, Baldock, Hertfordshire, SG7 6SW - some Robinson stock, but check for availability.

Worsley Works, 19 Douglas Road, Worsley, Manchester, M28 2SR. Etched brass Parker coaches, sides, ends and floors. "Scratch Aid" type kits but a very handsome start for a coach project.

(Edit) See also Quainton Road Models. 6 wheel coaches.

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