Sunday, 26 February 2012

Haywood Models

At the Bolton Show on Saturday I finally managed to get a price list from this firm, something I have been trying to obtain for approx. 18 months.

Anyway the produce the following useful items for GCR modellers:-

GCR Wagon buffers @ £6-75 a set.
GCR Coach buffers (oval) @ £8 a set.
GCR wagon axleguards @ £2-50. (I presume each, the list doesn't make this explicit.)

In addition their wagon wheels (8 spoke or open spoke) at £6-75 for two axles are notably cheap compared to other suppliers and are pre-blackened, which is something I prefer. Carriage wheels (Mansell or disc) are also £6-75.

Haywood Railway are at 29 Lichfield Drive, Great Heywood, Staffordshire, ST18 0SX.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mousa Models

Mousa Models (Bill Bedford) are producing a new range of complete kits for GC wagons, one of which is already available, with several more seeking deposits from the interested.

These are very reasonably priced and the range proposed looks very interesting indeed with a number of 'must haves'.

Quainton Road Models - coach kits

I see from the latest Gauge O Guild Gazette that the following kits are now available:

Diagram 49 Fish Van
Diagram 1Y2 29' PBV
Diagram 2B8 31' 5 compartment 3rd

All @ £90 + £3-75 p&p. Wheel pack £14 post free with kit.

Quainton Road Models are at Chyanbre, Hill Park Road, Polyphant, Launceston, Cornwall, PL15 7PT.

Really folks, we are getting spoiled!!! All I want now are nice kits for the 6C, Staveley Basher and 12AM tank and I think my all-time wish list will be complete.

Signal Box Kit

Lasercraft have released a kit for a GC signal box. Very pretty it looks too!