Sunday, 26 February 2012

Haywood Models

At the Bolton Show on Saturday I finally managed to get a price list from this firm, something I have been trying to obtain for approx. 18 months.

Anyway the produce the following useful items for GCR modellers:-

GCR Wagon buffers @ £6-75 a set.
GCR Coach buffers (oval) @ £8 a set.
GCR wagon axleguards @ £2-50. (I presume each, the list doesn't make this explicit.)

In addition their wagon wheels (8 spoke or open spoke) at £6-75 for two axles are notably cheap compared to other suppliers and are pre-blackened, which is something I prefer. Carriage wheels (Mansell or disc) are also £6-75.

Haywood Railway are at 29 Lichfield Drive, Great Heywood, Staffordshire, ST18 0SX.

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