Monday, 8 July 2013

Diagram 17 van, Connoisseur kit.

Great Central Diagram 17 Covered Goods from the Connoisseur kit. This kit is etched brass and not that difficult to build - the worst part is probably filing two chunks out of the roof to accommodate the shape of the doors. The etchings and castings are very good indeed, and I find myself hoping that some day Jim at Connoisseur will decide that some of the castings (at least) would work very well with another GC kit. A diagram 7 open would be nice.

The models still needs a few touches, most notably weathering. Even in pre-grouping days, no one cleaned goods wagons - certainly not externally.

A recommended kit, suitable for GC, LNER or early BR periods. And indeed for the CLC, though I think the brakes might need some changes.