Saturday, 31 July 2010

GC Cattle Wagons

I understand from Simon Spare that his GC cattle wagon kits are more or less ready to go out. Cost £25 each plus post with a choice of grease or oil axleboxes.

Both fitted and unfitted versions originally had grease boxes but they would have slowly been upgraded, especially the fitted ones. Don't ask me exactly when.

There's a photo on the GCRS Yahoo website and they look to be another excellent product.

Please note for these wagons you will need 'GCR' and 'number' plates NOT the usual lettering. Now how shall we procure those??? Photos of these wagons in GC days (to show you what I mean) are quite rare. There is a partial on p 73 of Locomotives of the Great Central Railway, volume 2, by E.M. Johnson, that shows enough if you look at it carefully.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

J9/10 kit

I was looking on the Tower Models site recently and noticed that in their section for Gladiator Models this kit is now listed although still 'to be announced'.

Unfortunately the Gladiator Models site is down at the moment so no cross-referencing is possible.

As a 'J9/10' is proposed (that is GC classes 9B/9D/9E/9H) some interesting variations may be possible, as discussed in my earlier post. Anyone with a GC or CLC layout is going to be able to justify at least one of these, and really I think three or four would be more the thing.

I'm looking forward to this becoming available!