Saturday, 20 June 2009

GCR Wagon Transfers

I have no less that five GC wagons in various stages of construction, plus a few more that need brake gear added. In the excitement I realised that my stock of wagon letter transfers is low so I asked Chris Basten at Dragon Models what his latest prices were.

Available in 7mm are:

GC large size white @£2-00 a pair
GC large size yellow @ £2-00 a pair
GC small size (not sure what these are for as they're a bit big for bolster wagons) @£1-60 a pair
CLC (CL) @ £1-90 a pair
LDEC @ £2-30 a pair
LDEC (hired lettering) @ £2-30 a pair.

Most of these are also available in 4mm by the way. If you're lettering a 7mm bolster wagon you'll probably find the small 4mm GC lettering @ £1-30 will do the job.

Postage is £1-50 per order.
From Dragon Models,
9 Kingsley Close
Penarth CF64 5UW

Friday, 19 June 2009

Kit Review - GP Models Diagram 5 (3 planker)

After a long time without doing any serious modelling I have started this kit during the week. The first thing to note is that it's exceptionally complete. The wheels are in there, and all you need to add is paint, solder, and transfers.

It's a complex kit for so simple a prototype. A different philosophy could have produced a resin body complete with solebars (like the Simon Spare diag. 6 kit) and reduced the number of parts by some degree of magnitude. However, what this kit does give you is a very solid chassis with built in compensation. This wagon would be quite safe even at the head of an 80 wagon coal train - it is incredibly strong.

The etched parts are in nickel silver, and make me wonder why anyone uses brass. The n/s is so much easier to work. I used the bending bars to form the inner solebars, but otherwise the folding could be, and was, done with long-nosed pliers.

There's quite a lot of layered detail to add, and even with a resistance soldering iron, some of this is hard work to position properly. I think this is the one thing a beginner might struggle with. However the parts do fit together beautifully - by no means a quality to be despised in a kit.

Would I build another one? Yes, gladly. Having built this one I'm sure I'd make a better job of the second one. Recommended - and not least as ideal soldering practice for someone who hesitates to try a loco kit!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Diagram 6 3 planker

Having received my kit from Simon Spare, I'd say it's at least as good as anything he's produced in the past, possibly even better. Anyway, it's a quality offering and I look forward to more from this stable.

Only thing not in there that you might expect are the parts for the brake gear. It's a 9' 6" wheelbase and I'm pretty sure Exactoscale can oblige.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

GCR Loco lettering

7mm scale (and indeed other scale) loco lettering is now available from Steam and Things in Australia. They cost £9 plus £4-50 postage for a sheet covering 8 locos. (But with no buffer beam lettering/numbering at this stage.)

If you order 1/43 scale you get the correct size for tender locos, but for the smaller size used on many tank engines order 1/48 scale to get a good approximation. (Some tank engines had really diddy lettering - I'm really not sure how to scale those.)

Hurry Up If You Want One!!!!

I understand that Simon Spare (S&T Wagon Works) 82 Clifton Way, Hinckley, Leics, LE10 0UZ, still has a few kits available for a diagram 6 3 plank wagon in 7mm scale. These are resin kits and if they are anything like Simon's previous productions, well worth having. Price £18 plus £1 post, which is entirely reasonable given that these are quality.

If you want one do not delay as it's a small batch and they're nearly all gone. Simon may be open to ideas for future GCR kits, let us hope so!

By the way, if you are not already a member of the GCRS (and more particularly the GCRS Yahoo Group) it's well worth joing as you are likely to get earlier warning of items like this.