Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Quainton Road Models

David Howes tells me that the Quainton Road Models GC six-wheel fish van to diagram 49 is now in production, and the first batch is selling well.

Having moved during 2010, up to date contact details are:
Quainton Road Models
PL15 7PT

He is now working on on a MS&L 29ft six-wheel brake van - a new kit. Following that there will more six-wheelers - significantly enhanced and improved versions of the simpler etched sides/ends he marketed in the 1990s.

Suggestions for other kits are invited.

People modelling the GCR in 7mm are truly blessed to have so many kits available and/or promised. It is fast getting to the point where the only thing outstanding will be a cast figurine of Sir Sam Fay! And maybe even that will come.