Friday, 16 March 2018

D&S Kits

I have recently received a price list for D&S 7mm kits.

Currently available GCR items:

DS68-7 15 ton Double Door Van.  £55   (This is diagram 15)

DS 69-7 15 ton Brake Van  £55  (Every GC layout needs one!)

DS 73-7  5 ton Milk and Fruit Van  £59-50

DS 75 Horse Box  (ex LDEC)  £59-50

DS 77-7 CCT 4 wheel,  £59-50

UK Postage £3-75 per kit.

Intriguingly, the following are listed as RTR only, but no price is given:

DS24-7 Third Class Coach (Code 5050)
DS26-7 Composite Coach (5139)
DS27-7 Brake Third Coach (5101)

Also available DS50CB1 10' 6" bogie, £25, plus postage as above.

DS801-7 Cowans Sheldon Crane (Mark 1) suitable for MS&LR
DS802-7 As above, but Mark 2 (GCR)

These are £195 each plus £6-50 P&P. For these cranes enquire before ordering as production is not constant.

D&S Models, 46, The Street, Wallington, Baldock, Herts. SG2 6SW

D&S also produce GE 4 wheel coaches. I hoped these might be the type supplied to the LDEC, but a check of the data confirms they are not.

The GE Lowmac Wagon (DS104-7) £37 plus P&P, is however, very similar to the ones supplied to the LDEC and can almost certainly be used in a GC context.

Monday, 5 March 2018

GCR 8N Class (LNER B6)

According to a post on the GCRS Yahoo Group, David Andrews is considering a kit for a GCR 8N (LNER B6) but needs more expressions of interest before proceeding.

David Andrews usually only produces kits in batches nowadays, so if you want an 8N this may be your one and only chance. Expressions of interest to David Andrews in the first instance.

There were only three of these attractive engines, so a very rare and unusual prototype.