Sunday, 16 March 2008

GC Wagon Kit Suppliers

Current GCR Wagon Kit suppliers that I know about:

ABS Models. Does a very nice whitemetal GCR bolster wagon kit. Has a 3 planker in his catalogue, but not yet available. Can be had by post or (rare) exhibitions. Delivery can be slow as this is a one man band who is likely to retire soon. Also does some very useful 'bits'.

Bill Bedford - (Revised 2016) As available now a small but useful range of GC wagons and some NPCS.

Connoisseur Models, 33 Grampian Road, Penfields, Stourbridge, DY8 4UE. Diagram 17 van - see BRM October 2005 p 36. This is also suitable for the CLC, but note it was not introduced until 1912. Raymond Walley has written a review which you will find in pdf form here. (See under GCR 10t sliding door van.)

D&S Models,Dan Pinnock,46 The Street, Wallington, Baldock, Hertfordshire, SG7 6SW. Probably the best etched kits in the world, certainly very good anyway. Diag 15 15 ton van, diag 61 milk van, diag 64 4 wheel brake van, ex LDEC horse box. GC Meat Van, diag.58. The instructions are sometimes a little sparse.

Dragon Models,9 Kingsley Close,Sully,Penarth, CF64 5UW. Kit for GC single bolster kit in white metal.

The Furness Railway Wagon Company (Mark and Geoff Dobson, 9 Parkfield, Swarthmoor, Ulverston, Cumbria LA12 0HW) produce a GER box wagon kit for £35 plus £3 p&p. This looks to be very similar to the ex LDEC vans (GCR diagram 144). I only know of one photo of the LDEC van, which was published in Great Central Link 12 (Jan.1997) and it isn't a very good one. Numbers if anyone wants them, GCR 33123-33142, formerly LDEC 76-95. (The NRM drawing shows the LDEC van's brakes were Morton, with brake blocks on one side, while the axleboxes were Attocks Patent, with a rounded bottom. You can bet that some were modified by the GC later, so it's still anyone's guess barring a better photo.)

Gladiator,  - produce a kit for a GCR open wagon, which I think is diagram 9. (Gladiator Reference GLW012.)

GP Models,  Diag 5 three plank wagon, diag.16 van, diag 53 fish van, diag. 66 6-wheel brake van. The wagon kits have resin bodies with nickel silver underframes. No longer available

Just Like The Real Thing, 26 Whittle Place, South Newmoor Industrial Estate, Irvine, Ayrshire, KA11 4HR. - produces a diag 12/diag 13 GCR van kit. I understand these now include castings.

S.Spare, 82 Clifton Way, Hinckley ,Leics. Diagram 22B coal wagon. Body £13, castings £4 and postage £1.25. A diag. 8 has been available also. These are limited run kits, please check availability before ordering.

Slater's 10ton side and end door Charles Roberts and Gloucester 7 planker with S/E doors can legitimately be finished in GC colours as hired wagons. Do not shave off the moulded PO registration plates as these were carried by hired wagons.

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