Friday, 16 March 2018

D&S Kits

I have recently received a price list for D&S 7mm kits.

Currently available GCR items:

DS68-7 15 ton Double Door Van.  £55   (This is diagram 15)

DS 69-7 15 ton Brake Van  £55  (Every GC layout needs one!)

DS 73-7  5 ton Milk and Fruit Van  £59-50

DS 75 Horse Box  (ex LDEC)  £59-50

DS 77-7 CCT 4 wheel,  £59-50

UK Postage £3-75 per kit.

Intriguingly, the following are listed as RTR only, but no price is given:

DS24-7 Third Class Coach (Code 5050)
DS26-7 Composite Coach (5139)
DS27-7 Brake Third Coach (5101)

Also available DS50CB1 10' 6" bogie, £25, plus postage as above.

DS801-7 Cowans Sheldon Crane (Mark 1) suitable for MS&LR
DS802-7 As above, but Mark 2 (GCR)

These are £195 each plus £6-50 P&P. For these cranes enquire before ordering as production is not constant.

D&S Models, 46, The Street, Wallington, Baldock, Herts. SG2 6SW

D&S also produce GE 4 wheel coaches. I hoped these might be the type supplied to the LDEC, but a check of the data confirms they are not.

The GE Lowmac Wagon (DS104-7) £37 plus P&P, is however, very similar to the ones supplied to the LDEC and can almost certainly be used in a GC context.

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