Monday, 1 May 2017

4 wheel coaches

Alphagraphix of 23, Darris Road, Selly Park, Birmingham B29 7QY have introduced a brass kit for K&ESR coach no 11, which was an ex CLC 4 wheeler. This costs £60 plus £6 postage and has a compensated chassis. Cheques payable to BRUMTRAMS.

A nice photo of two similar coaches appears in Manchester Road and Rail by Edward Gray, p78. The coaches in question were used second-hand by Trafford Park Estates to partially replace gas trams. Yes folks, gas trams, and don't ask me how they connected them to the mains!

MS&LR variants have been requested in both first and third class formats. If you would like one (or, preferably, several) please contact Roger Crombleholme at the above address with a firm indication of how many you want. If too few people respond, this simply will not happen, so, if you're interested, please be prepared to say so. 

Exactly when these particular coaches were withdrawn is hard to say. I have found evidence that four wheelers were being used in full trains in the Manchester area (including first class) as late as 1909. Many will of course have survived much later in departmental use and almost certainly in 'Paddy Trains' for miners and other workmen.

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