Sunday, 28 February 2016

Updates - important note

I have tried to update some of the outdated information relating to suppliers on this blog. However, I can only pass on what I glean from the model press and similar sources. Details such as addresses should always be carefully checked, especially if you are sending money.

There has been a great deal of change lately, and sadly most of it is in a negative direction as traders have retired/fallen ill or generally fallen by the wayside. Unfortunately this has not been matched by Dapol (or anyone else) bringing out RTR GCR items! This trend is likely to continue, so please support the remaining traders and buy what you can when you can.

If anyone has additional information, or wishes to correct errors or outdated data, please let me know. Similarly, if suppliers would like their products mentioned I am happy to oblige. I do not make any charge, as my objective is simply to help other modellers of the GC.

Finally, although I try to keep things factual and rarely offer criticism, I have quite likely made mistakes and do not accept responsibility for any difficulties or loss caused thereby. Or to put it another way please check for yourself that any product I mention is suitable for your needs, and is still available before dishing out any money.

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