Thursday, 10 April 2014

GC single bolster wagons

These GCR single bolster wagons have been completed after lying around for a lot, lot longer than I care to admit. A recent burst of enthusiasm got them more or less finished, though in all honesty some more lettering, and some additional weathering still needs to be done. (The safety loops also need adding to the brakes,)

If anyone would like something similar an improved version of the kit may be had from Dragon Models (Wales) and I recommend the product. They are basically white metal. The chains, etc., were procured from Parkside Dundas and the number and 'to carry' plates came from Guilplates.


Anonymous said...

They're nice Brian. Any clues as to the diagram/introduction date of these ones?

Brian Wainwright said...

They are diagram 117, built from 1908 at Gorton, and intended, at least originally, for the Frodingham steel traffic. It is a nice kit to build and I have no real excuse for having taken so long, unless you count a period of moderate insanity. I have two more to build which I hope will take weeks rather than years. Quite close to the top of the pile, too.

Brian Wainwright said...

I have been building two more of these, of the version currently produced by Dragon. Although generally fine, the brake levers and brake lever guides are a little frail. It may just be the moulds are getting a bit worn. The good news is that at least the pair has not been sitting on a shelf for a decade and should soon be ready to paint. All we need now are the HMRS transfers to come through!