Sunday, 15 April 2012

HMRS Wagon Bodies

HMRS wagon bodies are now available for the Harrison and Camm 7 plank open to the 1887 RCH specification. As are builders plates for individual years.

Wagons of this type were used by many owners served by the Great Central, Sherwood (Mansfield) and Elsecar (Earl Fitzwilliam's Colliery) being but two of the more obvious. I have no doubt at at all that a little research through Mr.Turton's books or inspection of the MS&L/GC PO Registers at NRM York will reveal many more.

Suitable components to finish the wagons are available from: ABS, Ambis, Exactoscale, Hobby Holidays, Slater’s and other makers.  Depending on how fussy you are, these extras could well add up to more than the cost of the resin body. The Hobby Holidays detailing parts are particularly complete - and complex.

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