Sunday, 6 February 2011

J9/J10 Livery (GC 9B/9D/9E/9H class)

After the study of many more photos, I have revised my opinion on this question. It still remains an opinion, not a fact.

I suspect that most, if not all, were fully lined out during the Robinson period. However during World War I the lining was left off. Of course this would only apply to locos as they were shopped, they would not go in just to have the lining painted out.

If anyone has more certain information (or even a different opinion based on the evidence) I'd be very glad to hear it.

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glenalmond4 said...

Yes, I agree with that as in later GC days 9J's also appeared without lining, infact the late Percy banyard once commented upon locos being returned to traffic at this time lacking lettering and or crests....he was refering to passenger classes!.
Also please consider that in the mid 1900's you would have seen locos in the original GC midchrome green livery alongside more recently outshopped examples in all the glories of Robinson's lined goods for your imagination !.
Cheers Tony