Thursday, 6 August 2009

GCR Six wheeled fish van

In the latest GOG Gazette is an advert headed 'Quainton Road Models' - a fondly remembered concern that appears to be in new hands.

Apparently they are working on a kit for a GC six-wheeled fish van. This has to be diagram 49, which looks rather like a 6 wheel coach gone wrong. They were built by Metro Amalgamated C&W at Ashburys in 1900. There were only four on the whole line (No. 28591-28594) so even if you're modelling Grimsby Docks I can't think you'll need more than one kit. Interesting choice of prototype!

I've never seen a photo of one of these, and how they were lettered is anyone's guess. Indeed, I wouldn't even like to swear what colour they would be. Probably brown first, grey later.

Why the GC chose to built 4-off of this non-standard type is a mystery to me, but I suppose it adds variety to a fish train or passenger train tail traffic...


David.Howes said...

I'm pleased to report that the Quainton Road Models GC six-wheel fish van to diagram 49 is now in production, and the first batch is selling well.

Having moved during 2010, up to date contact details are:
Quainton Road Models
PL15 7PT

I'm now working on a MS&L 29ft six-wheel brake van - a new kit. Following that will more six-wheelers - significantly enhanced and improved versions of the simpler etched sides/ends I marketed in the 1990s.

Suggestions for any MS&L/GC/CLC kits will be most welcome.

David Howes


Brian - no doubt if this is over-commercial; not that Quainton Road Models is other than a hobby, you will edit it accordingly!

Brian said...

No problem David - glad to have the info,which I hope will be of interest to fellow modellers.