Wednesday, 22 July 2009

GCR 4 wheel brake van (from D&S kit)

This photo demonstrates that I do sometimes make models as opposed to just talking about it. It's a GC 4 wheel brake van (diagram 64 to be technical) built from a D&S kit, primed and ready to have the various castings added prior to final painting.

I never work continuously on a model, but I estimate it took me about a day's work to get it to this state. Which means that a competent professional could probably assemble it thus far in a morning.

It's a very easy kit to build - if any brass kit is - the hardest bit being to fix the handrails to my satisfaction. There's also some tricky detailing to do inside the verandah. The parts aren't supplied for this, you have to make it up yourself from plastic or wood, and it's more fiddly than anything. Not sure how I ever used to manage in 4mm, but I suppose my eyes were younger.

If you have never tried to build an etched brass kit, this one could be a good starting point. The GCR had dozens of these brakes. If I needed more than the two I've got, I'd happily build several more as the kit is a delight.

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