Sunday, 11 January 2009

Service Suspended

I am suspending this Blog for the time being due to lack of interest. May return to the subject when the weather is sunnier and/or I am less busy with other things.


midlandkevin said...

Well I liked it !
Shame its no more.

I was going to ask if you would like to exhibit at the High Ercall Model railway Exhibition on Sat 21st march at High Ercall. Its on B5062 Telford and Newport road to Shrewsbury. All about 7 miles away as is J6 of M54.

Let me know and I'll send you postal info and booking forms.
As its to raise funds for local church I cannot pay you but we will feed you lunch and drinks thru the day.

Look fwd to hearing from you
Kevin Whittle
Exhibition Mgr

Brian said...

Hi Kevin,

Nothing worth exhibiting, to be honest. Due to various factors my layout is moribund and is in any case about as portable as an elephant.

I'm not definitely finishing this blog for ever, just 'resting.' I have so much on!