Friday, 31 October 2008

New Wagon Kit

A new wagon kit is available for the LDEC 5 planker, a vehicle which ran on a steel frame. It comes from Furness Railway Wagon Co, 10 Duke Street, Dalton-in Furness, Cumbria LA15 8HH. A welcome addition.

I think I am right in saying that some of these were marked for coal traffic by the GC, others for goods traffic. However I'm too lazy to check right now.

The kit costs £30 plus £3 p&p. The first batch is sold out but Marc at Furness Railway Wagon Co says there should be some more in late January.

Meanwhile, Gladiator have announced a re-tooled 8K/04 kit for £275. While David Andrews offers his version of the same engine for £279 and promises an improved Director for £259.

I'm sure Mr Robinson would be gratified, though he might wonder at a market where some of his locos are duplicated while others are not offered at all... But that's a petty quibble, in loco matters at least GC modellers are blessed.

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