Wednesday 5 August 2020

Sacre 2-4-0t (Class 12AT/AM)

Tentative proposals are in place  for a 7mm kit for this loco. Expressions of interest are sought.

If you are a member of the Gauge O Guild, please go to their Forum and look for a thread called "Slaters outside cranks and axles" in the Modelling Section. This is the place to express interest.

If you are not a member, but would like a kit, please leave your name in the comments below and I will try to pass on your expression of interest.

No guarantees at this time, but the greater the interest, the more likely it will
go ahead.

Monday 20 May 2019

4 wheel coaches.

Kits for the MS&LR 4 wheel PBV and Composite coach are now available from Alphagraphix. The PBV is £50, the Compo £60, plus £4 postage. These are etched brass kits.

Sunday 17 February 2019

More GC 4 wheel coach kits?

Alphagraphix, who already produce kits for MS&LR 4 wheel thirds and firsts, are interested in the possibility of producing two further kits:
1. 4 wheel PBV.
2. 4 wheel composite, as per the example at Ingrow.
*However* they need six firm expressions of interest for each before proceeding.
If you are interested, please write to Alphgraphix, 23 Darris Road, Selly Park, Birmingham. B29 7QY. stating which kit (preferably both!) you would like. There has already been some firm expressions of interest, so it should not take that much of a shove. But please do not leave it to others, or the kits may not happen!

You can also contact Alphagraphix at

Friday 16 March 2018

D&S Kits

I have recently received a price list for D&S 7mm kits.

Currently available GCR items:

DS68-7 15 ton Double Door Van.  £55   (This is diagram 15)

DS 69-7 15 ton Brake Van  £55  (Every GC layout needs one!)

DS 73-7  5 ton Milk and Fruit Van  £59-50

DS 75 Horse Box  (ex LDEC)  £59-50

DS 77-7 CCT 4 wheel,  £59-50

UK Postage £3-75 per kit.

Intriguingly, the following are listed as RTR only, but no price is given:

DS24-7 Third Class Coach (Code 5050)
DS26-7 Composite Coach (5139)
DS27-7 Brake Third Coach (5101)

Also available DS50CB1 10' 6" bogie, £25, plus postage as above.

DS801-7 Cowans Sheldon Crane (Mark 1) suitable for MS&LR
DS802-7 As above, but Mark 2 (GCR)

These are £195 each plus £6-50 P&P. For these cranes enquire before ordering as production is not constant.

D&S Models, 46, The Street, Wallington, Baldock, Herts. SG2 6SW

D&S also produce GE 4 wheel coaches. I hoped these might be the type supplied to the LDEC, but a check of the data confirms they are not.

The GE Lowmac Wagon (DS104-7) £37 plus P&P, is however, very similar to the ones supplied to the LDEC and can almost certainly be used in a GC context.

Monday 5 March 2018

GCR 8N Class (LNER B6)

According to a post on the GCRS Yahoo Group, David Andrews is considering a kit for a GCR 8N (LNER B6) but needs more expressions of interest before proceeding.

David Andrews usually only produces kits in batches nowadays, so if you want an 8N this may be your one and only chance. Expressions of interest to David Andrews in the first instance.

There were only three of these attractive engines, so a very rare and unusual prototype.

Tuesday 6 February 2018

Diagram 7 open wagon

Tucked away in the Gauge O Guild Gazette is a mention that Quainton Road Models are planning a 7mm scale kit for a diagram 7 wagon. Built from 1911 these were the most numerous Great Central wagon of all, more than 6,000 in number. So if you have a GC layout you will need at least one. If you have a large GC layout, you really need about ten! Moreover, after 1917 when these became common user, they would be a fairly common sight everywhere. From Kyle of Lochalsh to St.Ives and from Red Wharf Bay to Dereham. So anyone modelling a British railway up to roughly 1939 could do with one too.

QRM are now only doing limited editions, so if you want one of these you need to reserve one. It's no use waiting until they are ready, because if you do, they won't be, as far as you are concerned. So order one (or more) ASAP.

This is a venture which needs supporting, because if anything in the way of a GC product is to be popular, this should be it.

Sunday 3 December 2017

4 wheel coaches.

MS&LR 4 wheel coaches are now available from Alphagraphix, 23 Darris Road, Selly Park, Birmingham, B29 7QY.

The kits are third class and first class. Other types may become available later, so please support this venture to encourage this development.